Romney’s “testy” Fox interview (video)

DNC highlights Romney’s “testy” Fox interview (video)
By Nia-Malika Henderson

Mitt Romney has stayed away from the Sunday TV shows in which newsmakers make the rounds and answer questions about events of the day.

And based on the reactions from Democrats and Republicans to his Fox sitdown on Tuesday, the GOP presidential candidate might just be making the right decision.
Both sides panned Romney as “snippy” and “testy” and the interview was labeled “disastrous,”reviews that the Democratic National Committee highlighted in a new video.

Romney, who has been running for president for the better part of five years, seemed unprepared to answer basic questions, and even condescending at times. It just didn’t seem like the sort of image that will serve the Republican well with Fox’s conservative viewers.

And maybe most damaging, Romney still hasn’t settled on an answer to the charge that he has flip-flopped on key issues, which will be at the core of the case that his Republican and Democratic rivals make against him.

Here’s a key exchange from the Fox interview with Brett Baier:

BAIER: Like the [New Hampshire’s leading newspaper, which endorsed Romney rival Newt Gingrich last weekend] “Union Leader,” your critics charge that you make decisions based on political expediency and not core convictions. You have been on the both sides of — of some issues. And there’s videotape of you going back years speaking about different issues — climate change, abortion, immigration, gay rights.

How can voters trust what they hear from you today is what you will believe if you win the White House?

ROMNEY: Well, Bret, your list is just not accurate. So, one, we’re going to have to be better informed about my views on issues.

My view is you can look at what I’ve written in my book. You can look at a person who has devoted his life to his family, to his faith, to his country. And I’m running for president because of the things I believe I think I can do to help this country. And — and I know in politics, there are going to be those who try in every way they can to tear down one another.



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