Thai revolution real option by appointment of a non-elected prime minister says UDD secretary-general Nuttawut Saikuar

United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) chairmanJatuporn Promphan said about 500,000 red shirts would converge at Aksa Road, off Phutthamonthon in western Bangkok. UDD chief adviser Thida Thavornseth said Aksa Road was a good, spacious venue and the gathering on Saturday was also regarded as an exercise that could serve as preparation for an actual battle.

UDD secretary-general Nuttawut Saikuar said there would be no confrontation between the red shirts and the anti-government protesters, but the red shirts were ready to enter Bangkok if there were a military coup.

The gathering was organised by local and provincial red-shirt leaders, however, with the aim to ready them for further mobilisation, possibly moved further inside Bangkok, in case of any sudden development such as a coup, or the appointment of a non-elected prime minister, Nuttawut said.


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