How the Industrial Revolution Transformed the Private Sector

Rebellious Observation

IR1The Industrial Revolution marked a miraculous turning point in human history that transformed nearly every component of daily life.  A cascade of scientific and technological discoveries led to the exploitation of previously unacknowledged energy sources within the Earth. This new ability to light up the world gave humans the opportunity to look at the planet from the outside in, revolving traditional means of production into the faint echoes of history. Essentially, the Industrial Revolution separated humans from nature, giving unique competitive advantages to specific individuals and locations and thus created the modern form of industrial enterprise. In the midst of this unforeseen epoch of development, mankind overcame the limitations of sheer human muscle through a groundswell of innovations. Many of its technological developments both provided solutions and created new problems for society. This progressive movement spurred an exponential amount of growth that disengaged historical trends of progression and made possible…

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