Taiwan issue will ends power CCP on China

A Chinese aircraft carrier.
A Chinese aircraft carrier. © Hollandse Hoogte / AFP

China flexes its muscles: ‘The West has itself to blame’

Sooner or later, China will annex Taiwan, is the conviction of political scientist Jonathan Holslag. And a response from the US will be tricky. “Chinese blow Western fleets with nuclear submarines upside down.

“At the end of the day, you care more about Los Angeles than you do about Taipei.” This remark was made by a senior Chinese admiral when he warned the Americans not to intervene when Chinese missiles landed in the Taiwan Strait in 1996. With the rain of missiles, China punished Taiwan for wanting to strengthen ties with the United States. “In the 50s,” the admiral continued, “you threatened to use nuclear weapons three times (during the Korean War, ed.). You could do that because we couldn’t hit back anyway. But we can do that now.”

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