US: Russia does not want diplomatic solution to Ukraine war

Russia wants to take all of Ukraine and Moldova, that’s as clear as it gets, and it doesn’t stop there.

US: Russia does not want diplomatic solution to Ukraine war

There is no indication that Russia is prepared to end the war in Ukraine through diplomatic channels. US Secretary Blinken said this after a conversation with his Chinese colleague Wang Yi. America wants China to condemn Russian aggression, but Beijing has so far refused to do so.

China, in turn, condemns Western sanctions against Russia and argues that the US and NATO are unnecessarily fueling the conflict.

It was Blinken’s first face-to-face meeting with Wang Yi since October. Ministers met on the Indonesian island of Bali after the G20 summit of rich and emerging countries.

According to Blinken, yesterday’s G20 meeting showed that Russia is isolated in the world, even though the ministers did not come to a joint condemnation of the Russian war of aggression. Minister Lavrov gave a speech and then immediately left, without waiting to hear what other ministers had to say.

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