Hardliner now new commander in Ukraine

After the important bridge has been partly destroyed, the arterial connection between Russia and Ukraine, it is time to lick the wounds for Russia, things are not going well. AZ

New Russian military commander in Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry has appointed Air Force General Sergei Surovikin as commander of the armed forces fighting in Ukraine. In the past, Surovikin was, among other things, commander of the Russian military in Chechnya and in Syria.

Previously, General Aleksandr Dvornikov was in command of Russian units in Ukraine. He took up that position in April.

Surovikin’s appointment comes at a time when the Russian military leadership has been heavily criticized for military losses in Ukraine. Earlier this week, two Russian regional commanders in Ukraine were fired. In recent weeks, Ukraine has rapidly recaptured territory. For example, the Ukrainian armed forces said they had liberated 400 square kilometers of area in the south of the country in a week on Thursday..

if Russia does not turn the tide in Ukraine , they will again suffer a heavy loss of face after the collapse in Afghanistan and the previous flight from the Kiev region .

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