“Russia willing to negotiate if there is a serious proposal”

Talking better than waging wars . . .

coffee in the cellar, air raid siren Kiev Wessel de Jong NOS news

Russia is ready to negotiate with the West about the war in Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said on Russian state television that he has not yet received a serious negotiating proposal. He said he would like to talk to the US or Turkey about ways to end the war.

The war has been going on for almost eight months and Russia is suffering serious losses.

Lavrov said White House security spokesman John Kirby had said Russia had rejected proposals to negotiate. “That’s a lie, we haven’t received a serious proposal,” he said.

Turkey’s President Erdogan has an opportunity to make a proposal to President Putin when they meet in Kazakhstan later this week, Lavrov suggested.

Putin could talk to US President Biden at the G20 summit in Bali next month. According to Lavrov, Russia is not opposed to a meeting.

The last direct talks between Russia and Ukraine were in late March, when the war had been going on for a month. After that, the only serious talk was about the grain deal, the export of Ukrainian grain via the Black Sea. This was established at the end of July in consultation with the UN and Turkey.


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