Putin meets Turkish President Erdogan in Astana

President Putin will meet with Turkish President Erdogan tomorrow in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The two will talk about the battle in Ukraine. Erdogan has regularly tried to play a mediating role in the war.

There may also be talk in Astana about a new large ‘gas hub’ in Turkey. Russian gas could be transported to that hub and further into Europe via the still intact sections of the sabotaged Nord Stream pipeline, Putin said earlier.


Retreat behind own borders, leave Ukrainian territory, pay for the damage done.

It’s quite simple, otherwise EU / USA will never buy gas / oil whatever from Russia and export anything, Russia remains a pariah like North Korea. Tourists no longer welcome, export prohibited from EU/USA. Russia becomes a satellite state of China. Let’s face it, who will help Russia if China takes back ‘old territory they are entitled to’ from Russia?


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