Holland got banjos !

Holland’s got banjos! How they got to these lowlands is still shrouded in mystery, But as long as they are here. we present a series of interviews with Dutch people involved with the 5-string banjo. Holland’s Got Banjos is brought to you by Jerry Gout, Giel de Banjo and Bruno van Hoek. Rein Dool (born: 1933) is one of the true 5-string banjo pioneers in the Netherlands. In this interview he tells the remarkable story of his search for Pete Seeger, resulting in a lifelong friendship with Pete’s sister-in-law Inez. He then started building his own banjos. Rein was one of the first to introduce the 5-string banjo in Dutch folk music with his band ’Tijdverdrijf’. Rein Dool is a painter, graphic artist and sculptor and lives in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.


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