Neon-frantic and temple-tranquil, the Thai capital is simply unmissable

Neon-frantic and temple-tranquil, the Thai capital is simply unmissable, with stacks of things to see and do however you fancy spending your time. Delivering reams of cultural and historic sights, BKK also flaunts a modern side with muscular skyscrapers and myriad outbreaks of modern architecture, fabulous art galleries, and fascinating museums. When you want to spend, the city is ready to sell: in frenetic markets (among them the floating variety for which the Thai capital is such a hit) as well as mega malls, and the dining scene is a spin, from gourmet restaurants to street food. After dark things are as buzzing, with pulsating nightclubs, live music, cocktail bars, incredible rooftop bars and adrenaline-laced Muay Thai fights. Getting around is easy, thanks to the BTS sky train, MRT subway, numerous buses, taxis, and tuk tuks. Perhaps best of all, you’ll find accommodation to suit you – whatever your bag and your budget.


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