Lancia Lambada

The first series-produced car with a monocoque body, four-wheel brakes and independent front suspension, the Lancia Lambda was revolutionary. In 1922 the Lambda was one of the stars at the Paris Motor Show, where Lancia also showed a cutaway model. The Lambda was in production through 1931 and 13,000 units were made. The Louwman Museum has added the Ballon Smontabile version with a removable roof to its collection.

#LouwmanMuseum #LanciaLambda

The Lauwman museum is an interesting museum for people interested in art and automotive history. The museum offers a collection of classic and exclusive automobiles, as well as works of art and design objects. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful collection and learn about the history and technology of the automobile. It is highly recommended for lovers of art, design and technology.


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