Holländerturm am Bärenplatz

Sienna Bartolomei

Matte, Bern, Kanton Bern

TheHolländerturm(Dutch tower) is a former defensive tower in the old city ofBernin Switzerland. It is part of theUNESCOCulturalWorld Heritage Siteof theOld City of Bern. The tower was originally part of the city wall of Bern but was absorbed by the house atWaisenhausplatz15.


The age of the tower is unclear. Near the top of the tower an inscription reads 1230–1885.[1]Based on this inscription and other evidence, since the 19th century it has been considered by many writers to be the one clear remnant of theSavoy citywalls which were built between 1255 and 1260.[2]However, Hofer states that the tower does not match either the inner or outer wall construction or position and is first shown in a drawing of the city from 1623.[1]The lategothicwindows are…

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