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Today’s temperatures were among the lowest in May I can remember

by: Rene Pitayataratorn , Vice President at Metronet Asia Co., Ltd

Today’s temperatures were among the lowest in May I can remember. A cold spell with spray rain like this and temperatures of around 21°C at midday is very unusual for what is normally one of the hottest months here in Khon Kaen.

NE winds brought in this cooler airmass from a high pressure system over China. Events like this are still poorly forecast by current models (which will usually predict thunderstorms and slightly higher temperatures) but as the measurement station networks becomes denser, this will eventually improve.

Khon Kaen’s newest 14 weatherstations and 20 environmental measurement stations logged the event. At present – with La Nina still present and likely to persist into the autumn – above average precipitation in the coming raining season is highly likely. If the current trend persists we could be in for a highly active typhoon season and see a return of last year’s flooding. That said – at this point it’s a bit too early to raise the alarm.

 By : Rene Pitayataratorn , Vice President at Metronet Asia Co., Ltd.

Bankok citizens leaving city, trains full !

Bangkok-Chiang Mai trains are full of passengers fleeing from Bangkok, which has been hard hit by flooding.

Weerayut Sawangdee, deputy chief of Chiang Mai Railway Station said that Chiang Maibound trains were crowded with passengers unlike the return trips, which saw fewer passengers.

“We have enjoyed more passengers from Bangkok. They are now travelling to other provinces as most parts of the capital are under water,” he said.

The trip is taking about five hours longer than usual as the trains need to detour to avoid flooding areas.

The first Chiang Maibound train leaves Bangkok at 8.30am and the second departs at 6.10pm every day. Trains leaving Chiang Mai for Bangkok depart at 8.45am and 5.55pm.

Weerayut said his office could add one to two compartments to the trains if there are more passengers wishing to travel.

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