Justice Clarence Thomas has to go

Clarence Thomas Speaks At The Memorial Service For Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

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April 07, 202311:36 AM ET

Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas denied wrongdoing in a response to an article alleging that he accepted improper gifts from a longtime friend and conservative donor.

“Harlan and Kathy Crow are among our dearest friends, and we have been friends for over twenty-five years. As friends do, we have joined them on a number of family trips during the more than quarter century we have known them. Early in my tenure at the Court, I sought guidance from my colleagues and others in the judiciary, and was advised that this sort of personal hospitality from close personal friends, who did not have business before the Court, was not reportable,” Thomas said in a statement.

ProPublica reported that Thomas and his wife traveled on the Crows’ yacht and on their private jet on numerous occasions over Thomas’ tenure on the Court. The article quoted several ethics experts who alleged that Thomas violated disclosure rules that require judges and justices to disclose large gifts.

Congressional Democrats responded to the article by urging Thomas to resign and reiterating calls to pack the Supreme Court. (RELATED: Dems Use Clarence Thomas Report To Call For His Resignation, Court Expansion And Reform)

“I have endeavored to follow that counsel throughout my tenure, and have always sought to comply with disclosure guidelines. These guidelines are now being changed, as the committee of the Judicial Conference responsible for financial disclosure over the entire federal judiciary just this past month announced new guidance. And, it is, of course, my intent to follow this guidance in the future,” he continued.

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Trump ally Kari Lake loses to Democrat Katie Hobbs in Arizona governor race

Lake and TRump are losers now, democrats did far more better overall than everybody expected , I do not see how Trump can win in 2024 from Ron DeSantis ( the nomination)  AZ

By Sam Cabral in Washington & Oliver Slow in London

BBC News

Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs has defeated Republican Kari Lake in Arizona’s race for governor, CBS News has projected.

The result is a rebuke of Ms Lake, who has peddled the false claim that Donald Trump won the 2020 US election.

In her victory statement, Ms Hobbs said that “in this moment of division” she would work for everyone in the state.

Ms Lake appeared to suggest that the result was incorrect, and that some votes for her had not been counted.

Elsewhere, almost a week after votes were cast, the race to control the House of Representatives remains tight.

Republicans must win at least 218 seats to claim a majority in the House of Representatives, a prospect that has sharply narrowed.

The party has currently won 215 seats while Democrats have won 211, according to race projections from CBS News.

In a midterm election that has further highlighted the stark partisan divisions in America, Ms Hobbs called for unity, saying she would work for those Arizonans who did not vote for her.

“Even in this moment of division, I believe there is so much more that connects us,” she said.

Her opponent, Ms Lake – who was endorsed by Mr Trump – told the BBC during campaigning that the former president should not need to run again in the 2024 election because “he won the last election”. She predicted he would “come back with a vengeance”.

There is no evidence that the 2020 election was stolen.

Ms Lake’s defeat sees her join the ranks of pre-eminent Trump-backed election deniers who lost last week. But a BBC News tally of results found at least 125 election deniers have won races for the House, Senate and governorships.

https://emp.bbc.com/emp/SMPj/2.46.6/iframe.htmlMedia caption,

BBC’s Katty Kay challenges Kari Lake on election claims

The midterm elections are also for Congress, including all seats in the House of Representatives and one third of those in the Senate.

The Biden administration had feared that a loss of power in Congress would bring the president’s agenda to a halt. However, the Democrats have retained control of the Senate, and the House has not yet been called.

If the two parties split control of Washington, Democrats will “maintain our positions” but voters should not “expect much of anything”, President Biden said on Monday.

Speaking to reporters in Indonesia, where he is attending the G20 summit, Mr Biden said the results had “sent a very strong message around the world that the United States is ready to play” and wants to remain “fully engaged in the world”.

He noted there was “a strong rejection” of election denialism, political violence and voter intimidation. But he warned that, without a majority in the House, Democrats would be unable to codify abortion rights through legislation, a key priority for liberal voters.

Out of the 11 House races that still remain to be called, most are in western and southwestern states, including California and Arizona.

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CIA director speaks to Russian chief of security in Ankara

CIA director speaks to Russian chief of security in Ankara

The director of the US foreign intelligence service CIA, William Burns, is in talks with his Russian counterpart security chief in Turkey, the White House has announced. Burns speaks to his Russian counterpart Sergei Naryshkin about the consequences the US attaches to the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine by the Russian army.

It is not about negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, President Biden’s office adds. The consultations will take place in Ankara. Ukraine has been notified of the maintenance.

Burns will also discuss the fate of American prisoners in Russia. Among them is American basketball player Brittney Griner.


of course they speak about Ukraine and how to stop this conflict , because there is no benefits in it for Russia, it means only problems

Moshe Dayan In Washington, D.C. March . . .

1978 for talks leading up to the Egypt-Israel Peace Agreement

Moshe Dayan In Washington, D.C. March, 1978 for talks leading up to the Egypt-Israel Peace Agreement
Journalistic photography Moshe Dayan was an Israeli military leader who later became a crusader for peace. He played a key role in four wars and helped negotiate the Egypt-Israel peace treaty. My friend and his wife and I were in Washington D.C. for a few days and we happened to be walking by the exquisite Ritz-Carlton Hotel, when I saw a group of Israeli gentlemen who seemed to be there on some sort of official business and were waiting for some very important person to come out of the hotel, at any moment. I asked one of them who they were waiting for. He could see that I had a Nikon and obviously wanted to take a picture of whoever the VIP was. He said, “I can’t tell you, but if you want to wait over there with the press photographers, he’ll be coming out in a moment.” So, I thanked him and went over and waited with the press photographers. A few minutes later, the famous Israeli General Moshe Dayan walked out, escorted by members of the Mossad (the Israeli version of the American Secret Service) and for a very brief moment I had the same access as the network news services photographers. So, I was able to get this one shot, after Moshe Dayan had just gotten into his waiting limousine. Moshe Dayan was in Washington, D.C. for a meeting with President Jimmy Carter, Anwar Sadat & Menachem Begin, concerning the Egypt-Israel Peace Agreement. Moshe Dayan died three years after this picture was taken, from a masive heart attack. He was 66 years old.

In God we trust . . .

In 20 days, Americans will vote for a new House of Representatives and a new Senate. It’s the first nationwide election since the 2020 presidential election — and so it’s about much more than seats in Congress.

If the result is against the Democrats, they will say “it’s a coup” in favor of a victory over Trump, because the presidential election is in 2024 and that is already being campaigned. Many voters think the last presidential election was not fair.

Democrats agree on Biden’s extensive investment plan

the package is financed by a tax increase of 15 percent for companies and the very rich , can not be against it as long it is done in this way @annozijlstra

Democrats in the US Senate have agreed on a multi-billion dollar investment package. The package includes large-scale investments in areas such as clean energy, childcare, housing and jobs.

It is a slimmed-down version of President Joe Biden’s ambitious Build Back Better plan, which has long been without a majority within the party. Now that the Democrats have reached an agreement, that removes an important barrier to approval in the Senate.

Since the party only controls half of the Senate, Democrats must vote unanimously for plans Republicans won’t support. CNN reports that all Republicans intend to vote against.

The Inflation Reduction Act won’t just be the largest investment in clean energy and American energy security in history. It will be the largest investment in American manufacturing as well.

The investment package was one of Biden’s election promises, which linked the success of his presidency. But the original version — worth $3,500 billion — didn’t pass Congress. Some Congressmen thought the plans went too far, others not far enough.

In the end, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema – a pivotal vote – agreed to a modified version today. She was initially opposed because the package is financed by a tax increase of 15 percent for companies and the very rich.

Senator Joe Manchin, who previously blocked the plan, agreed last week. Senate Leader Chuck Schumer said a procedural vote could be taken on the investment package on Saturday.

Latest about Ivanka and Jared , the White House dream couple . . .

Hive correspondents unpack Jared Kushner’s romantic and financial spin in his upcoming memoir and try making sense of Donald Trump burying his ex-wife, Ivanka’s mother, on a New Jersey golf course.

The Hive

Hive correspondents unpack Jared Kushner’s romantic and financial spin in his upcoming memoir and try making sense of Donald Trump burying his ex-wife, Ivanka’s mother, on a New Jersey golf course.

AUGUST 3, 2022

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner Human Person Suit Coat Overcoat Sleeve and Blazer

Who are Jared and Ivanka and what do they want?

This week, Inside the Hive cohost Emily Jane Fox and Hive political correspondent Bess Levin parse the revelations in Jared Kushner’s upcoming memoir, Breaking History, which aims to settle scores, humanize two scions of real estate moguldom, and spin Kushner’s role in the Trump White House as a misunderstood and ultimately historic win.

From his courtship of Ivanka Trump (and Donald’s wish that she date quarterback Tom Brady), to that $2 billion investment Kushner received from the Saudis after Kushner soft-pedaled the grisly murder of a Washington Post journalist almost certainly killed by the Saudis, Kushner’s memoir, parts of which were revealed exclusively by Vanity Fair this week, is a peek into the delusional privilege. As Levin observes: “Did Jared ever hold a job that wasn’t given to him by his father or father-in-law?”